What are the advantages to work with a freelance web developer?

There are several advantages to working with a freelance web developer.

  • Freelance web developers typically charge lower rates than agencies, as we have smaller overheads.
  • Freelance web developers can work on a project basis, which allows for more flexibility in terms of project scope and timeline.
  • Freelance web developers often have specific areas of expertise and can bring a unique skill set to a project.
  • Freelance web developers can often work faster than larger teams, as they are not bogged down by bureaucracy and internal politics.
  • Freelance web developers often have more direct communication with clients, which can lead to a better understanding of project requirements.
  • Freelance web developers are often more agile in development, they can adapt and change as per the requirement.

How much do you charge for Web Development?

To start working with me it will be a minimum €2500, and it depends on the complexity of the website, the more complex it is the more time it will take.

A deposit of 25% will be required to be paid in advance before I commit to the website project.

You can also go for Trading Online Voucher Scheme - up to €2,500 grant available from Local Enterprise Office with co-funding of 50% from the business.

Can we provide a mock-up?

This is an ideal job for a web developer if a UX and UI designer can provide the mock-ups for the website. As then I can fully focus of the development of the website.

The mock-up can consist of a single page or more for the website, and then from there I can develop the website with the same look across all website templates to ensure brand consistency.

Of course more than welcome to provide a mock-up of the complete website from start to finish, and can make it identical for desktop and mobile views, if there are some barriers in developing some features from technical side of things or accessibility, I will explain before committing to the work.

What's your estimated timeline for completing a web development project?

Usually my website projects take around 2-3 months, as long as I can get all the content for the website in a timely manner.

This can also depend on the complexity of the website, some may take shorter time and some longer.

Do you do offer marketing services?

No, I am a web developer. You would need a specialist that manages that area to get best results, I can work with a marketing team to connect required analytics for different events such as traffic, leads, conversions etc… that's required to be done by a web developer.

Do you provide support and management after the project is complete?

If you'd like to reduce the hassle of managing your own hosting, I can manage that area for you.

If you require plugin and theme updates to keep the website up to date, I can do it on monthly basis, meaning your website is always healthy, and has less security vulnerabilities.

Any requests to make changes will need to contact me and I'll quote for each request separately.

Do you register domains?

No I don't, but I can help you with domain registration on your account.

Do you design logos?

No I am not a graphic designer, you must provide your own logos or hire a person with that specific skill set to design a logo.